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Weather you’re rocking the newest rzr on the market or simply just a standard side by side, our rack system has got you covered. Our berrk utv truck rack works with almost all makes and models. Fill out our Discovery Form to find out for sure, however, if your side by side will work on our truck carrier platform.  

Our utv deck has zero aluminum welds, is extremely light, and is fully setup in your truck bed in under 15 minutes.  

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Utility terrain vehicles (more commonly referred to as UTVs) are the bread and butter of off-road shenanigans and hijinks. That statement no doubt sounds like blasphemy of the highest order to you ATV enthusiasts, but we like to think that there’s plenty of open terrain for two vehicles of this kind to coexist. Besides, there’s just so many more options when you’re seated in a UTV.

While we don’t really have the time (nor the word count) to get into the nuts and bolts of that discussion, we are going to be highlighting several methods of transporting your utility-terrain transport – specifically, our preferred method.

We’re sure you’ve already figured out what that method is by now. You guessed correctly – in this article, we’re going to take a look at UTV truck racks, and why they’re your best bet for transporting your off-road four-wheel drive.

UTV Truck Racks

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time on the highway, you’ve probably caught sight of an ATV being hauled across the road in the bed of a truck. However, it’s less likely for you to have seen a UTV being hightailed in the same manner.

Other than UTVs being less widely-used than their all-terrain cousins, there is one major factor that has prevented them from sleeping in the bed of your truck: size. For starters, UTVs are generally a whole lot bigger than ATVs because of the nature of their design.

Seats are sat side-by-side, and the overall width of the vehicles are typically pretty big. What’s more, most trucks are none too wide either, and their beds are not able to fit the sheer girth of most UTVs.

With all that being said, how on earth can we recommend transporting your UTV by a truck? We can do it through the use of truck racks.

That’s right; these (fairly) lightweight exoskeletal attachments for your truck and essentially transform your transport into your transport’s transport. We hate to get convoluted with you, but trust us when we say that it works well.

UTV truck racks really are the most convenient method of getting your UTV to where it needs to be. While they aren’t cheap by any stretch of the open road, the benefits pay for themselves.

Those benefits are manifold, and all of them add to your level of convenience. For starters, with a truck rack, you won’t have to slow yourself down to accommodate highway towing speeds. That’s good news if you’re the type who needs to get where he or she is going fast.

Secondly, a truck rack will still leave your truck bed wide open, providing you plenty of space for any extra equipment you may need to haul as well. Some truck racks even fit over

both your truck bed and roof, allowing for the transport of even larger UTVs, should it be necessary.

Thirdly (and lastly, for this list at least), truck racks are easy, efficient, and safe to use, all at once. To load your UTV onto the back of your truck, simply lower the rack’s ramp and push it on. Afterward, you can strap it down as well, if you wish, but it will otherwise remain safe as can be atop your truck.

The entire experience of using a truck rack is almost too easy and uneventful – and that’s a good thing. It means you won’t have to fuss over how you’re going to get your UTV to where it needs to be – you probably won’t need to think too much at all, and you can focus solely on getting where you need to go.

Overall, truck racks are the best way to transport your off-road transport, and we think we’ve made a pretty good case for why that is. However, if you’re still curious, read on to find out about a few other methods of UTV-transportation, and why they don’t hold up when compared to the use of truck racks.

Utility Trailers

If you need something to substitute for a truck rack right now, utility trailers are your best bet. They’re not as convenient as the former, but they’ll get the job done for the time being.

They’re pretty cheap, so price shouldn’t be an issue. And they come in a variety of different sizes, meaning you’re bound to find one big enough for your UTV. They aren’t pretty, but as we said, they’ll do for now.

Unfortunately, utility trailers aren’t the greatest option for the long term. They take up a lot of space, meaning you’ll have to fit it somewhere in your garage or risk it getting rusty quickly if left out to the elements. What’s more, you’ll have to tow them from place to place, which means you will have to conform to the monotonous towing speeds of the highway. This is not welcome news for the person who wants to get where they’re going fast.

As we said, though, they’re a passable substitute to bide your time until you can afford a decent truck rack.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers

You probably won’t see these used too often, for a few reasons, the first being their size. While an enclosed cargo trailer will undoubtedly be able to fit your UTV, you’ll be hauling a lot of extra weight, considering that it is essentially an oversized steel carton. They’re also really expensive, even more so than your average truck rack, so we would have a hard time recommending one of these to anyone who doesn’t have a ton of equipment to haul alongside their UTV.

Toy Haulers

Lastly, we have a very niche method of UTV-hauling. This is your worst option when it comes to transporting your side-by-side on a casual schedule due to the size, cost, and the very specific utility of toy haulers. However, we would recommend an investment in one of these if you plan to travel long distances (from state to state, for example) regularly. Otherwise, steer clear of these oversized cabins.


By now, we’ve hopefully convinced you of the numerous benefits of truck racks and what sets them a cut above the other forms of UTV-transportation. They’re worth your investment if you’re an avid off-roader who loves their truck almost as much as their UTV.



9 Pieces = Berrk UTV Truck Rack

Truck Rail Pieces

Two strong truck rail pieces made out of heavy duty steel that travels the whole length of the truck bed for maximum strength. Designed by engineers for your peace of mind when transporting your utv or any side by side. 

Very Few Bolts

An ATV deck platform that is simple to put on and even easier to take off. If you want to remove the utv truck rack and store it in the garage for the winter, it’ll take you less than 15 minutes to remove it from your truck bed. 

Two Aluminum Panels

When it comes to a heavy duty truck rack for you utv, you definitely  want to make sure your heavy load isn’t going to crush through your rack because some sketchy decking material that has aluminum welds. Our deck pieces is a proprietary aluminum design built to hold thousands and thousands of pounds. So it’s safe to say, your ride will cruise smooth on the back of your truck! 

Headache Rack

Let me tell you something you already know. Wood is heavy, and sometimes very heavy. Our lumber rack is so strong it exceeds the payload of any truck on the market. If you are looking to transport big loads and maximize your pickup truck, then this is the rack for you. See ya on the next page! 

Ramps (2)

A snowmobile deck built strong, secure, and incredibly light with the ability to be assembled on your truck in under 18 minutes. Don’t believe me? Find out how this is even possibly by reading more on the next page! 

Cross Bars

An ATV rack deck system that is simple to put on and even easier to take off. If you want to remove the deck and store it in the garage for the winter… it’ll take you under 18 minutes to remove it from your truck bed. See how now!

Two Aluminum Panels

When it comes to a heavy duty truck rack you definitely  want to make sure your heavy load isn’t going to crush through your rack because some sketchy welder put it together. Naa, buy a berrk rack instead and know for a fact that you can sleep easy at night. Read more to find out why our rack is the best! 

Fast Assembly

Let me tell you something you already know. Wood is heavy, and sometimes very heavy. Our lumber rack is so strong it exceeds the payload of any truck on the market. If you are looking to transport big loads and maximize your pickup truck, then this is the rack for you. See ya on the next page! 

berrk UTV DECK

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