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A product that will carry your snowmobiles safely on your truck bed, delivering them to your favorite sled spot in style. What more could you ask for?

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Berrk products are the future of the snowmobile industry. We pride ourselves on designing products that are efficient, strong and that will last for years.

“I wanna buy a product and have it break in a year.” – said no body ever 

Our truck deck is built out of 90% aerospace aluminum and 10% steel. Designed and produced with our customer in mind. We listened to snowmobile enthusiasts for years on the pain and failure points that come attached to the sled decks that are on the market today. 

Berrk spent a full year designing a deck to eliminate all these pain points.  

Who wants to buy a sled deck and then spend 2 hour plus setting it up?  

Most people don’t have time for that and I’m assuming you don’t either. 

A berrk deck can be set up in under 15 minutes and before you know it you’ll be cruising down the highway in style. This product is incredibly strong and light, two things that were a priority when designing this product. 

With zero aluminum welds and a proprietary deck membrane that is 10x stronger than steel, you can be confident this is the product you are looking for. 

A humble company from Northern Idaho hoping to earn your business. 

Please go through the rest of this page to get answers you have been seeking. There is a FAQ section that I’m sure will be helpful and a bunch of media to quench your thirst.  

If you are ready to move forward with purchasing a berrk deck, click here right now to fill out our Discovery Form to see if your truck’s personality is a good fit to rock one of our decks. 


– Berrk Team
Berrk Deck Metal Sheet

Snowmobile Deck
  • Patent pending technology
  • 90% aerospace aluminum
  • Hired aerospace engineer
  • Hundreds of hours designing
  • Hundreds of hours testing
  •  Modular lego like assembly
  • Ships to you fast
  • Product that’ll last
  • Customer service that’s a blast
  • Light as heck, save gas



We do duhhh! Ok ok, berrk  is bias, how could we not be?  However, when you compare us to other brands like Truck Boss Decks and Marlon Products, we are right in the running with similar features (one could debate better) with a very similar price tag, however, we have more pros. Seriously, take a good look at our product before you continue shopping as you will realize we are one of the better options when it comes to towing your sleds in your truck.

It’s another name for a snowmobile platform that sits in the bed of your truck or on the rails and supports one or two snowmobiles. They were created to make driving on mountain roads more accessible as this can’t be done when you’re towing snowmobiles with a trailer. Not only were they designed to access roads that you couldn’t otherwise access with a trailer, but they also make driving around town or on highways that much easier. Have you ever tried to park a snowmobile trailer at a grocery store to get supplies?  If so, you can imagine how sled decks can make life easier in this department as well. Over the last decade truck decks have grown and in some areas are more popular than traditional trailers. 

Here are a couple reasons WHY our deck wont break on you.  First off, we don’t have aluminum welds. Why is this important? It’s important because aluminum welds are  the #1 thing that malfunction in decks. This is because aluminum welds that are used in snowmobile decks will eventually crack over time. This is due to the mountain roads and just standard driving with  snowmobiles on your truck deck. Aluminum welds are much weaker than steel welds and it’s just a matter of time before they crack. Our deck is 90% aluminum and 10% steel, making it a very strong but light deck. With aerospace aluminum and steel welds, you can sleep good knowing your snowmobiles will get from point A to point B safely.  

Berrk decks are different because they are the lightest on the market, easiest to assemble, and are made up of quality materials for maximum strength. There is no deck out there that is as simple and strong as our deck.  You’ll start to realize this through your research if you haven’t already. 

Most weigh between 350-450 lbs due to the fact that they have to use so much metal to even come close to being structurally solid. Our engineer team came up with a way that we could have a high strength to weight solution to keep our deck lighter than the competitions. Our deck comes in 10 pieces total, each piece weighing somewhere between 10-45 lbs. The deck in total weighing less than 299 lbs.

You can make a deck by searching the world wide web for resources that might or might not give you valuable information that is accurate. You can consume youtube videos like a deprived junkie looking for his next fix in hopes of finding the information you need to build your own deck. Is it going to be safe? Is it going to last for years?  Will it break the first time you put two snowmobiles on it and drive that mountain road? All good questions that will weigh on your mind as you sleep each night. In my opinion, if I was you, I’d give the double bird (right and left middle finger) to this idea that you are going to save money if you build your own. Truth is, you will save money, however, the most valuable commodity in life I’m certain you will light on fire with a blow torch… TIME.  Boom!!! (insert mic drop). 

If you are willing to invest in a product that is a little more expensive, you’ll be much happier when you realize how much time you save and how simple it makes life. Not to mention, if anything does go sideways, the warranty attached to this product is so valuable that even your wife will understand why you bought a sled deck without telling her. 

Most snowmobile platforms in the bed of your truck have a width anywhere from 80″ to 96″ All depends if you are rocking single or double sleds on top of that bad larry truck of yours. If you are always going to be using a deck with two sleds, you want to make sure it’s at least 90″ to 96″ wide. Anything less than always runs the risk of not fitting both your snowmobiles. 

A truck deck is another term to describe a snowmobile platform that sits in the bed of your truck and carries one or two snowmobiles to wherever you want to tow them. It’s like a trailer for the bed of you truck. Except it’s way more convenient than a traditional snowmobile trailer. Trust us on this one, or don’t and just search it on the world wide web to get the same answer we just gave you. 

All sleds that are being loaded into the bed of your truck or on top if it resting on a snowmobile carrier have to use a ramp (designed for snowmobiles) to get that beast of a machine onto the platform. When you purchase a deck from, a high quality ramp comes with it and you’ll be good to go. 

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Happy Customers
"I've been using ae TruckBoss deck for almost 6 years now. Hesitated making the switch to a berrk deck for over 6 months. I finally stepped up and snagged one and could not be happier cause I get to go fast and my wife has a blast. With my busy life, it has truly made my life so much faster when it comes to snowmobiling and transportation. Everyone knows I wake up and piss excellence, so take what I'm saying right now serious and buy a sled deck from"
-Ricky Bobby
Professional Race Car Driver
"The setup and assembly on this deck still seizes to amaze me! It's one of those things where it's hard to believe it works until you have it in your hands type of thing (like a trophy from Evel Knievel himself). The biggest benefit to me, is the fact that it saves me so much time. More time for Rod is the difference between me dying or surviving my next moped stunt. Just saying, berrk sled decks are freakin mon.. short for money!"
-Rod Kimble
Wannabe Stuntman
"It's pretty much the best looking thing I've ever set my eyes on! And let me tell ya, I've set my eyes on some pretty nice things throughout my career. I'm kinda a big deal, so if I were you, I'd take my word for it. And in the famous words of my co-worker, it works 60% of the time all the time. With those odds, I better book a one way flight to Vegas until the sky starts to bless us with white sparkle dust and then I can braaaap my way to phycological freedom and the closest bar!"
-Ron Burgundy
News Anchor

6 reasons why berrk rocks:

It’s incredibly light compared to the competition easy to set up. A lighter deck on your truck bed allows for smoother rides on the road, savings in gas, and easier to assembly when putting it together or taking it a part.  Made out of high strength aerospace aluminum, you’ll be confident this product will carry your snowmobiles safely whether on a highway or crazy mountain roads. Designed and built to last for years. And if something happens to one piece of the sled deck, you can just replace that one piece rather than having to buy a completely new deck.

There are a total of 10 pieces that make up a berrk deck and you put it together like big lego pieces. This allows for a quick setup under 15 minutes! For those of you that live in big metropolitan areas, you can even take off the sled deck after every session if you are tight on space and need to remove the deck from your truck bed each time to fit it into your garage or other storage space. Those of you who live in a more rural area (at the end of the season when you are ready to remove your deck), you can do it by yourself and you don’t have to hire people from craigslist to help you remove your truck accessory. Our setup process is simple, safe, and savory (insert emoji heart eyes). 

If you know why aluminum welds are bad, then you understand why this is such a quality feature of our deck. No aluminum welds, means you’ll be purchasing a stronger deck. Most decks on the market that use aluminum welds end up with cracked welds after a few years. Due to bumpy backroads and the weight of two snowmobiles, it’s inevitable that aluminum welds will eventually crack (since these welds are so much weaker than steel welds). With that being said, our deck is made out of different types of machined aluminum pieces that don’t require any welding. The only welding we do is on two structurally sounds rail pieces that are made out of steel with a fresh powder coat on it as well. These pieces we weld in steel to make sure they are strong and won’t break on our customers. 

People often wonder how we built a sled deck out of aluminum with zero aluminum welds. How were we able to do this? Our patent pending proprietary decking material allowed us to make strong enough pieces connected together by only a handful of bolts, eliminating the need for welds. It’s incredibly light, corrosion resistant, and 10x stronger than steel. With this one of a kind deck design, we are able to have three 25.5″ wide by 93″ longs panels that make up the flat part of our deck. These are connected to two cross members that sit on two truck rail pieces, with telescoping sides (for two sleds), leaving you with a very efficient snowmobile deck. Our goal from the beginning was to build the strongest and lightest deck made mostly out aluminum and a little bit of steel. 

Most companies in this space can’t offer a very good warranty because their product is welded together and is one big chunk of metal. This makes it more difficult to take care of their customers in the long haul because it’s not like the company can just easily make you another heavy metal deck and ship it right out to you. There’s product cost, shipping expenses, and intensive labor that would go into making you another deck. Berrk, on the other hand, is completely modular. Therefore, if a certain piece of your product malfunctions (and it’s a manufacturing error), we will be able to replace that piece for you for FREE in 1-3 business days. This allows you to have security 

The first 50 people (in the month of October) to buy a deck from us has a chance to earn a $500 cash rebate. All you have to do is film an 8 -12 minute walk through video showcasing your new deck on your truck and WHY you love it. Submit this video to us by December 31st (that same year) and will mail you a giant $500 check! How freakin easy is that? 

Our Story

At we craft the highest quality sled decks that have hit the market today. Manufacturing done with meticulous precision to assure our customers will receive the highest quality product. A revolutionary design that will be whispered through the snowmobile industry for years. 

One day three mountain men had this realization that the sled community deserved a better truck deck different from what was already available. So they climbed down the mountain and met with highly qualified engineers that also had a love for snow. They cooked up multiple pieces of metal that could fit together like a big lego piece. One year later there is a snowmobile deck like no other and the mountain men returned to their mountain cause their work in the city was done.

Our patent pending technology will make you foam at the mouth not once but twice. 

If you haven’t realized berrk is the best deck on the market, then keep reading below on what makes our product different & unique. 


Sled Deck vs Trailers (True Story)

Rewind the tape 10 years please.. ok STOP, right there. Yup. Ok, that’s good….

Back in 2009, as soon I graduated high school I bought my first snowmobile. It was on! After loading that puppy on the trailer I was off to the mountains. For the next seven years, I pulled that dynamic duo (At least what I thought at the time) across the entire west coast in search of adventure and powder. From northern Idaho to Lake Tahoe, Whistler, the Sawtooths, Salt lake City, Montana, and more. I had the opportunity to see some really cool zones! Looking back on my early days of sledding there is something I wish I would have sorted out a lot earlier which is having a truck and sled deck day one! Your mind thinks it’s going to pull that trailer, plant it at the trailhead lot, park it like a NASCAR driver, and then hop on that metal stallion and steer that beauty into the wild like its nothing day one…..WRONG.

Anyone in the snowmobile industry knows that’s not how your sledding days as a beginner goes. There is a lot to the whole process! I remember thinking before I got my sled that it was going to be easy. The snowmobile has handlebars for steering for a reason right? It must be as simple as cranking the handlebars left to go left and right to go right. There can’t be too many things that can go wrong when trailering, haha boy was I mistaken! The backcountry and snowmobiles are a foreign land, kinda like the wild west. Safety is number one and it all starts with your brain and then your equipment next.

With all the inherent frustrations that come with the well earned but more importantly well worth it learning curve of sledding there undeniably is a way to make your life easier! Get yourself a berrk sled deck and see for yourself! Now that I’m on the berrk truck deck program, I can’t believe how much of a game-changer a sled deck could be. I love this product. I remember back in my trailer days friends encouraging me to double up with them, loading my sled on their sled deck because they knew my trailer couldn’t handle the rugged Whistler logging roads. We would go miles on these backcountry roads before we would unload the sleds. A truck and sled deck allows you to get to trailheads you could never get to with a trailer and a million times faster.

I remember showing up to a trailhead once and this Canadian in this big truck sticks his head out the window and yells to us “It’s a f-ing ‘Gong Show’ up there boys.” Trailers and trucks were everywhere, it was absolutely nuts. You bet I was thankful I didn’t have my trailer with me. Navigating a trailer in a tight/narrow trailhead lot is an absolute nightmare and you couldn’t pay me to go back to that world. The pros of a berrk deck go on and on (and right about now I don’t feel like listing them)!

Back in the day when I was traveling the country I always had to make sure my friends had room for me to park my trailer before I could actually commit to staying with them for the night. It always felt like a burden, like I was asking for something extra. A great example was on the same Whistler trip that I talked about earlier. There was no place for me to store my trailer at my friend’s house due to space so we found a “special” parking spot in a random area within the city and sure enough, I ended up getting a ticket for parking. Threw a bit of a wrench into the trip hands down. That’s another thing about a snowmobile deck, it will make your day to day logistics so much more enjoyable; they are super agile and conveniently take up way less space. Think about it, with a sled deck set up you essentially just have to find one normal parking spot, hallelujah! With a trailer, its at least two parking spots and they must be configured in the right way for it to actually work.


I remember when I used to live in Lake Tahoe there was an amazing storm cycle that came through. We woke up to piles of snow and the only thing I could think of was going riding that day. The problem was I couldn’t even get out of my driveway with the trailer set up. I tried and tried, I wanted to go riding so bad. After being super frustrated I eventually jack-knifed my trailer in the driveway (screamed bloody murder to the sky at 5:00am) and gave up.

If I had my Duramax and berrk deck dialed in I would of smashed out of that driveway and been on my way. There was even a night some friends that were visiting couldn’t get up my driveway with a trailer set up. I can see it in my head to this day and it was stressful! Especially knowing you can’t leave any vehicles on the street because…

#1.) The city doesn’t allow it
#2.) You might wake up to half your car sheered off from a snowplow.

Super sketchy?

That’s an understatement. Moral of the story, trailers get stuck a lot easier than a truck deck setup. Speaking of snowstorms, think of traveling alone. There is no comparison to pulling a trailer on snowy roads versus driving a truck with a sled deck. The handling capabilities are incredibly different. If you ask me its a safety issue too and another reason why towing your sleds above your truck bed is the way to go.


Storage was also a big headache (I usually don’t complain this much but it’s the truth). I remember when I wasn’t going sledding I would have to store the trailer at my Aunt’s house because I didn’t have the room to store it at my place. A trailer takes up way more space when storing. My berrk deck can break down to fit in a small section of the garage! I can’t believe how convenient the breakdown and storage capabilities are, it blows my mind (like a watermelon exploding).

Sledding is one of the most fun activities I have ever experienced! It has allowed me to meet some of my best friends to this day, see some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America, and to set first tracks in places that no-one has ever stood before in history! Its truly been an epic journey.

Ten years later and I’m so thankful to have the equipment I do. I will always be thankful for the early days as it taught me a lot but damn I’m glad those are done. The technology has come so far in the industry and thank goodness it has.

Cheers to berrk sled decks for making my life easier! See ya at the trailhead!

-Dan Tressle

Berrk Deck Metal Sheet

Quality Materials

Quality metals designed to live outside 

Safe | Secure | Strong

With the Berrk Deck, you can say goodbye to broken aluminum welds and questionable designs.

Engineer Approved

An engineering firm in the PNW gave us two thumbs up. Engineer analyzed and approved to drive on all different types of roads. Calculations completed by a humble company with above average engineers 

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Visualize your deck and how easy it’s going to make your life during sled season. You can’t go another season in a trailer or with an overweight deck trying to bring you down. Visualize your knew product and how wonderful it’s going to be for you! 

Step 5

Execute hitting the buy button if you haven’t called us yet, this is your second chance to execute. Click here to fill out our discovery form and we can assist you in completing this purchase and we can make sure your truck is a good fit at the same time! 

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Pour your favorite drink because you not only supported an American made product but you are so close to braaping yourself to phycological freedom one weekend at a time. Cheers to you my friend! 

12 Pieces = Berrk Sled Deck


Aluminum Panels (3)
Headache Rack (1)
Expandable Sides (2)
Truck Rail Caps (2)
Back Bar (1)
Ramp (1)
Cross Bar (2)