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Aluminum Truck Decks For Snowmobiles
Berrk Deck Metal Sheet


A sled deck is a metal platform that sits in the back of your truck bed for transporting snowmobiles or other toys that you use in the mountains! Usually the platform is welded together and often times the welds will break over time. With the berrk sled deck, there are no aluminum welds and instead you assemble the deck together like one big lego piece. 

Well, I mean.. isn’t it obvious?

 It’s berrk duhhh. 

Although that’s not really fair since you are on the berrk website and to say that we are bias would be a big understatement lol. None the less, we do feel that our sled deck is in the top three best sled decks on the market and we aren’t afraid to say who we believe the top three are. If there was an ice cream eating contest and the winners decided who had the best sled deck, the podium would look something like this:

1.) Berrk 

2.) TruckBoss

3.) Marlon 

At the end of the day you are going to choose what you think is best, but if we win your business, I’ll personally pour myself some purple drank and celebrate tonight in honor of you purchasing a berrk deck today! 

Accordion Content



Four Adjustable Legs

There’s four adjustable legs that were built in a proprietary way that hold up the entire deck plus two snowmobiles without having to bolt it to your truck. 

Pretty crazy right?

Headache Rack & Ramp

The headache rack is strong, sexy, and safe. And not to mention it screams “imma boss” just sayin’ 

The Ramp is the easiest thing you have ever dealt with in your entire life besides maybe eating cereal for breakfast. 

Three Aluminum Panels

Each panel is designed to support more than 30,000 lbs of weight. They are very strong but incredibly light. Our proprietary panel design will easily carry two snowmobiles for thousands of miles

Quick Set Up

The process of setting it up and disassembling it is simple. Takes less than 20 min to set up. What do ya think of that? 

berrk UTV DECK

homie be like...

"This is less believable than those shark videos on youtube.

2020 just keeps getting better, holy freakin cattle!"
"I'm telling you man, they are legit!

I've been researching them for an hour straight now.

I'm pretty sure they solved the issue of us having to rent a forklift each season to load our sled decks back on our trucks lol.
Google them for real homie.
- Dan Trestle

Google berrk sled decks then or what?

I'm so freakin exhausted and down right weathered from having to deal with so many sled deck issues over the years. If you aren't right about this I will seriously lose it.
Google it dude. Watch their videos. It will blow your mind
-Dan Trestle

7 reasons to buy a berrk sled deck:

1.) Our panel decking is built to last years. Proprietary aluminum decking that can hold up to 30,000+ pounds of weight but the panel itself weighs less than 50lbs. Overbuilt?  I’d pretty much say it was, which is a good thing. 

2.) Four quality legs that each have a weight rating of 2000+ pounds. Designed by a professional athlete while he sipped on a cold one in a hot tub that was actually a little too hot by about 1.5 degrees. And through the excessive sweating and tiresome thoughts spinning through his head, the final product was created through immense pain. Not to mention, we also hired a rocket scientist (Lets keep that a secret… Shhhhhh)!

3.)  Warranty that will send your socks back to 3rd grade (knock em straight off)! 

4.)  Headache rack that screams “take me home tonight.” and  “merry christmas too me.”  If you’d like me to translate that into normal words, here it is: IT’S SEXY! (insert mega phone here) 

5.)  If you’re the 3,369 person to buy this product, we will send you a giant $10,000 check in the same box that your sled deck comes in!  

6.)  If you don’t like what you are buying for whatever reason, I will personally fly to wherever you are at in the world, have a pizza dinner with you, and get to the bottom of what you don’t like. As long as you pay for the airfare of course (muhahhaha #freetravel).  For real though, we really do care about our customers and we will do everything in our power to try and make you feel better about your purchase. 


8.)  If you had to compare this sled deck to one truck, it would probably be the the 2020 Duramax d. Clean, sexy, reliable, and price tag taboot. (For real, quality ain’t cheap, berrk doesn’t roll like that)!

9.) One percent of sales will be donated to a non-profit organization (501-c3) called “my wallet.” That was a joke, a bad joke (I understand that now). But for the sake of sends up hills and my weekend party budget, will you please buy a berrk utv deck cause this is my year! I’m getting desperate now, diggin’ deep into the sympathy sanctuary to try and win your love along with your cc info. (insert evil purple emoji face) 

10.)  If we sell enough of these suckers, we are going to hire larry the enticer and film a hot tub commercial on the sled deck (it’s gonna be hilarious). If that’s not a good enough reason to buy then I don’t know what is. 

11.) Ships to your front door in 10 business days in only four boxes! You can kiss freight goodbye and all the baggage that comes with it. 

12.) You can assemble and disassemble this bad larry in under 20 minutes flat. I’ll take seconds and still lick the plate if you are going to be sharing that info with me 

Call right now for 3 years of good luck 🙂
"I'm almost 100% ready to buy this thing. A couple more questions on the phone and I'm there!" 98%