"I'm so strong and take steriods so I can be like berrk deck. People ask me all the time how I got so strong and my answer is always the same. Two words. Throttle Therapy!"


Berrk creates products that are above average ( at least that’s what my mom tells me)! And to be honest, there are hundreds of people that agree with mom. So before you read any more, raise your right arm and put your pointer finger and pinky in the air and say “rock on mom.” 

Our name compliments our design, simple, safe, and easy (it’s weird… my ex girlfriend said the same about me).

Inspired by a top favorite snowmobile zone and my future unborn child, the name was born. Get used to seeing berrk around the internet that’s all I got to say. 

A few words that have been used to describe berrk; strong, clean, sexy, simple, sassy, sharp, fancy, fresh, groovy, wild, and easy.

At this point, you are trying to breakdown in your head if our company is the  right company to purchase a sled deck from. Let me share with you a couple more things with you that might or might not help you in your journey in buying a high quality sled deck. 

11 Things About Berrk

1.) We are located in Idaho, the snow and backcountry is in our blood. 

2.) Our attention to detail has been described before as ‘unhealthy.’ When you are building a product that is suppose to carry two snowmobiles safely, this is a good thing, trust me. 

3.) Idaho locals own the business and have been in business for 12 years together. Some times we argue in the office for hours but at the end of the day we are best friends and enjoy spending time together in the mountains, on the lake, or on a beach!

4.) Berrk was designed by a rocket scientist, multiple engineers, two wannabe hippies and a professional athlete. With collective years of experience crunching math equations and milking time in the backcountry, it’s safe to say we built the best sled deck on the market. Obviously, we are bias, however if you do enough research about our product you’ll realize we aren’t just saying that and it’s actually true. Click here to research in depth about our snowmobile deck!  

5.) We are the only company in the entire snowmobile industry to offer a LIFETIME Manufacturing Warranty (jaw hits the floor Michael Jackson style). We can offer the best warranty in the industry because well, we are awesome and because our deck is modular.

6.) Berrk Sled Decks are manufactured and produced in America. Heck yes we are American Made and proud of it. 

7.) We believe ‘Outside is Better’ and are passionate about making products that assist people in spending time with the people they love. 

8.) Berrk genuinely loves to show people a good time. Life’s too short to not have fun, you’ll find out quickly that we have a passion for entertaining and giving away a lot of FREE $hit. Click here to see what our ‘Big Berrk Wheel Challenge’ is. Who knows, you might be the next person to win $640 in 30 seconds. 

9.) We believe it’s our duty to make quality products that are reliable, relentless, and rad. There are so many companies in the outdoor space that are just pushing junk products from china that have little R&D and just exist to make a quick buck. Our goal is to become a household name in the snowmobile industry.

10.) Not a lot of people know this but if you write us a 2000 word article that we can put on our blog, we will give you $500 gift card towards a deck. Shhhhh (emoji face with finger in front of lips) not too many people know about this so keep it on the hush hush. If you are interested, email us at with the subject titled ‘BerrkBarter Bud’ and tell us what you would write the article about ( also known as the triple BBB deal). Hit us up! 

11.) If you buy a deck from berrk, you are directly supporting three youngish humans in their next chapter in life and not to mention our next patron shots at the bar.  I’m already grateful you are even reading our about page. Thank you for being here and I look forward to getting to know you more. 

Closing words: Live Free, Be Free, Buy Berrk!

Sincerely, your friendly mountain maniacs 

Berrk Sled Deck

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The three owners were asked to write WHY they started berrk. Here is what they came up with...

Owner #1:

There is are a few reasons why I started berrk.

If I said that I started berrk to just help people, I’d be lying. However, if I said I did it solely to make money, I’d also be lying. 

Reason #1: I’m 28 years old and I’m trynna spread kindness like Koby (RIP) and ball like Jordan! I saw the snowmobile industry as a niche to provide a lot of value, solve a lot of problems, and make some money at the same time. 

Reason #2: I’m passionate about seeing people enjoy life with the people they love. I saw berrk as a vehicle to assist people riding to the trail head together spending more time with the people they love. Seeing people enjoy life outside, using a product I helped design is priceless.

II’m fascinated by completed ecosystems whether that be a sport, business, or family entity. Knowing berrk helps complete the snowmobiling ecosystem makes me smile. The industry really needed a truck deck that was simple, reliable, and looked damn good. I believe we created this product and I look froward to seeing it on your truck in the near future. 


-Dan Danielson 

Owner #2:

Why I wanted to start berrk? It’s a simple answer with a lengthy explanation: I didn’t like what the industry had to offer. No matter how much money I forked over I couldn’t get a product that fit my needs. I’m not a picky person and by no means am I saying that berrk is perfect, but, I can truly say it fills the gaps in the industry. It’s heavy duty, looks cool, extremely functional, and most importantly, easy to get in and out of my truck.


The other decks I’d had in the past didn’t satisfy all of these needs, they were good at most, but all had some sort of flaw. Those flaws were usually manageable, but with the way the industry is trending, the ease of learning to ride new snowmobiles, and the rise in backcountry goers, I knew there was the possibility of building a product that made user’s snowmobile experiences easier and more enjoyable. 


Snowmobiling has spread far from its original audience and these new participants needed an easy way to get their sled to and from the hill while also having a usable truck for the inbetweens. The days of having a sled truck and normal truck are over. This is Berrk and I’m excited for what the future of these sled decks hold.

Owner #3:

Coming soon…