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berrk sled deck

"I was able to assemble it in the bed of my truck in under 18 minutes with nobodies help. If you snowmobile decks, you understand how crazy that is."

Berrk sled decks are durable, different, and make life easier for snowmobile enthusiasts or beginners.  Our design is simple with a backbone of structural rigidity, and a style that will surely turn heads. In our humble opinion, we created the strongest and most reliable sled deck on the market. 

There are zero aluminum welds, its easy to store, lighter than Aunt Linda, and can assemble/disassemble in less than 15 minutes. 

Our deck and truck rack carrier system can work with most truck models. Fill out our discovery form to see if your truck model and year works with our product. 

Whether you are new to the sport or a 10+ year veteran ready to rock this product, we will take care of you both the same.. with kindness, respect, and love. 

MISSION STATEMENT: Assist as many people as humanly possible to enjoy life with their friends and loved ones outside. 

Keep reading and absorb all the content on the page so you can be confident in buying a berrk sled deck today!
Berrk Deck Metal Sheet


Sled Decks

Aluminum sled deck designed by a rocket scientist, a professional athlete, and two brothers. Designed and built to last for years, if not decades. There are zero aluminum welds and the whole deck can be assembled in under 18 minutes. Fits almost all size trucks and has safety features built throughout each and every piece that makes up the berrk sled deck.

Happy Customers
"I've been using ae TruckBoss deck for almost 6 years now. Hesitated making the switch to a berrk deck for over 6 months. I finally stepped up and snagged one and could not be happier cause I get to go fast and my wife has a blast. With my busy life, it has truly made my life so much faster when it comes to snowmobiling and transportation. Everyone knows I wake up and piss excellence, so take what I'm saying right now serious and buy a sled deck from"
-Ricky Bobby
Professional Race Car Driver
"The setup and assembly on this deck still seizes to amaze me! It's one of those things where it's hard to believe it works until you have it in your hands type of thing (like a trophy from Evel Knievel himself). The biggest benefit to me, is the fact that it saves me so much time. More time for Rod is the difference between me dying or surviving my next moped stunt. Just saying, berrk sled decks are freakin mon.. short for money!"
-Rod Kimble
Wannabe Stuntman
"It's pretty much the best looking thing I've ever set my eyes on! And let me tell ya, I've set my eyes on some pretty nice things throughout my career. I'm kinda a big deal, so if I were you, I'd take my word for it. And in the famous words of my co-worker, it works 60% of the time all the time. With those odds, I better book a one way flight to Vegas until the sky starts to bless us with white sparkle dust and then I can braaaap my way to phycological freedom and the closest bar!"
-Ron Burgundy
News Anchor

8 reasons why berrk is the best:

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1.) Proprietary aluminum deck material paired with quality products gives you a product worth bragging about and a product that you will own for years. 

2.) Rock solid guarantee that makes you feel like you found a benji on the sidewalk. Let me be more clear, it makes you feel great! 

3.)  Our products make  outdoor fun so much easier. One of the biggest downfalls with snowmobiling or rallying the rzr is the hassle and wasted time it takes before even getting to your destination. Our products save you time and give you peace of mind at the same time. 

4.)  It’s multi purpose, buy one product and use it in three different industries. For snowmobiling, for rallying any kind of utility vehicle, and even for hauling wood or any other work related activities. 





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